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Due to a grievous error - the GMHS Alumni database was deleted from the server and no backup exists.

Please re-enter your information to rebuild our database.

Pass this information along to any other alumni you are in contact with.


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Do you ever wonder where your old classmates are today?

(This is the easy way to find out)

This website is for GMHS Graduates of Any Year.

If you would like to see where everyone is in life, and want to share what's going on in yours - just fill out the information form.

This is a free service, and it's just for fun. I hope this helps people get in touch with old friends.

I created this site originally for my graduating class to help with reunion planning. It made sense to expand it to allow graduates from any year to participate.

Class Alumni Organizers
If you are a Class Alumni Organizer please use the Reunion Information page to announce the details of your upcoming events. If you wish to use our database of alumni contact information, please email me to set up your account. You will be able to store any additional alumni contact info on our database. You will also be able to send out email to everyone in the database at one time!

Thanks for using our site!

Keith Krecicki
K & K Design

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