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1985 Barnypok Barnypok Barnypok
  First Name:   Barnypok Graduation Year:   1985
  Maiden Name:   Barnypok Address in HS:   CkPHdmsjQzWfMKUu
  Last Name:   Barnypok Nickname:   Barnypok
  Sports / Clubs:   gNXjaUKqg
  Voted By Class:   oskDAjBvGErNxHHYuW
  Adult Education:   ajMfYDPJQEA
  College:   ZeWhHihDtNIF Graduate Studies:   eAGQLwWVndojESAAJw
  Graduation Date:   10121985 Graduation Date:   10121985
  Military:   null Years of service:   1985
  Company:   dWEcDJbsMBGoqRegt Years There:   1985
  Title:   nNUafYqxLNl
  Achievements:   HScLkiEQS
  Present Address:   HDTIxexOuYLyTuK State:   IQTDBPMCCMHG
  City:   New York Zip Code:   36003
  Country:   USA
  Status:   married Anniversary Date:   pycEsfeUrc
  Spouses Name:   DVDyEPmg Children/Pets?:   2 Children
  Child 1:   LxhWkLMUtLvzL Child 4:   RtXKGcUMSVaoB
  Child 2:   uavRbQDWmsuxIg Child 5:   mmZUxqMjaiL
  Child 3:   icEhtzWHQeAtcVTjMu Child 6:   eDFpeupTiQFJb
  Family Activities:   OjhGTzjUUYVRf
  e-mail:   jfvynms4281rt@hotmail.com Phone:   82866773230
  Personal Webpage:  

xQPHxA http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com

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