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It is very well known that most relationships are usually put together in haste. The wholesaler takes over a distressed situation in which service levels cannot easily be agreed upon and identified. Consequently, very few meaningful performance measures are ever defined. The result is a poorly understood relationship driven by market cycles, in which both parties blame each other for increasing levels of nonperformance. The relationship often becomes a win/lose battle when the retailer seeks to reduce the wholesaler's profits, and the wholesaler seeks to maximize its profit structure in opposition to the client, simply because they can place the deal.

A more desirable business model is one in which the retailer looks at the wholesaler as a long-term asset that is a source of ongoing value to the company - a strategic partner. As an asset and an investment, time and resources are dedicated to managing the relationship and maximizing its value.

Many strategic benefits will be realized from using PRS:

  1. Minimize the risk of potential Errors & Omissions lawsuits:
    It is not enough to be vaguely familiar with such complex products as professional and executive liability- no two policies are exactly the same. Many retailers simply get quotes back from wholesalers…but what do you do when you meet the client? Who will answer the attorney's questions? PRS will give you all of the pre and post sales support necessary to close the deal with comfort.

  2. Improve service quality:
    We organize and manage the entire process for your placement of professional and executive liability, providing a higher level of service. Our online quoting system will allow you to get same day bindable quotes for Directors & Officers, Employment Practices, Fiduciary Liability, Errors & Omissions and Crime insurance for your privately held clients.

  3. Avoid sharing your revenue with the competition:
    PRS is 100% independently owned wholesale distribution. What does that mean? … It means we work for you - the independent Retail Agent and not against you; we have no conflict of interest. When you do business with PRS, you are not supporting your competitors and shooting your own business in the foot!

  4. Gain access to "insider information":
    We design and implement leading-edge sales tools to support your business' growth plan. Since our brokers were underwriters, we know what it takes to get the deal placed, ensuring that everybody feels comfortable at the end of the day. Moreover, our papers, reports and statistical tools are designed to create or close the deal for you at the point of sale.

  5. Establish a valuable partnership:
    We are more than a market for professionals, we are a strategic partner. Our experience with this complex line of business has taught us to work side-by-side with our clients in secure and confidential relationships. With PRS, you get the two-way communication and commitment you expect along with the value-added benefits of an association by a firm known for its expertise in professional liability.

  6. Avoid the cost of building, training, and maintaining a professional liability staff:
    Outsourcing to PRS gives you direct access to former underwriters who are experienced brokers, highly skilled specialist, and support staff with hands-on experience in professional liability.

  7. Focus on your core business:
    Producers can focus more time, energy, and resources on building the core business as we assume full responsibility for managing the day-to-day marketing responsibilities for professional liability.

  8. Maintain competitive edge:
    We enable general agents to focus on building a more competitive business, and provide the supporting systems and services to help you compete more effectively.

  9. Achieve revenue enhancements:
    Since professional liability will typically not be the largest part of your book of business, producers can focus on increasing overall sales and market share, expanding into new markets, and enhancing customer service.

  10. Gain greater internal flexibility:
    Producers can focus on strategic issues and important agency initiatives, creating more flexibility in the assignment and allocation of resources to higher-volume core products such as property, general liability and health.