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Sherondia Brown -Blake
Since I have been in this ministry, nothing but good things has been happening to me. In the beginning of my Christian walk, we lost everything material. I couldn’t conceive because of the polluted body and soul I possessed from alcohol, marijuana and cigarettes. That was yesterday. But today, I am a born again Christian, a woman of God, a wife and a mother. I thank God for choosing me, loving me, and keeping me. Without Him I am nothing. I give Him all honor, praise and glory, because He’s worthy.


Dia Jackson
Through this ministry my life has taken on a whole new concept of what it means to live for Jesus. I have experienced a shift in my life that has allowed me to see a new beginning, a breath of fresh air from a life that was smothering because of the cares of this world. I thank God for my loving, Wonderful pastor and all the other spirit filled women and men in this ministry that have taught me, prayed with and for me. I praise God, for my life changing experience.
Vincent and Diane Booker
Before my husband and I came into the knowledge of the Lord, we made such a mess of our marriage. We thank God for Joy Tabernacle Christian Ministries. Under the leadership and guidance of our pastor, Emma Salter along with other ministers, deacons, and elders, God is restoring our marriage with the love and intimacy we once shared.