Practice Areas

Real Estate and Property Litigation

This firm’s real estate and property litigation practice generally deals with disputes arising from a contract to buy sell or lease residential or commercial real estate. Buyers may bring claims of breach of contract, specific performance, rescission or fraudulent misrepresentations with respect to the property while sellers may bring suit to compel specific performance of the contract of sale and for breach of contract. This area of law also deals with boundary disputes, challenges to good title and ownership of property, foreclosure, drainage and easement issues. In addition, this area also encompasses suits against realtors and home inspection companies for breach of contract, professional negligence, and breach of their fiduciary obligations.

Examples of our attorneys’ real estate litigation experience includes:

  • Adverse possession or “squatter’s rights” trials.
  • Litigation over which party will bear responsibility for environmental cleanups of transferred property.
  • Disputes over breaches of contracts for the sale of property.
  • Representing sellers in defense of suits for failure to disclose flooding, toxic mold and other “hidden” defects.
  • Failure to honor tenants’ options to purchase.
  • Foreclosure litigation.
  • Tax lien litigation.

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