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The law is where government meets the people.  The law sets up a system which provides the basis for people to guide their lives and livelihoods and manage their affairs.  It offers a means of redress for those who have been wronged by the government or their fellow man.  It provides a means of protection for the weak from the mighty which the government will enforce.

We at McLaughlin & Nardi, LLC believe that our position and training as attorneys puts us in a unique position to help people in their efforts to obtain legal help.  Unfortunately, however, in our society not everyone has the financial means to secure competent legal counsel when they need legal relief.  Therefore, we believe that the legal profession has an ethical obligation to assist people with limited access to legal services. 

Our lawyers and staff take pride in their efforts to improve the community and help people through the law.  Our attorneys have spent many hours providing pro bono services to those of limited means, as well as religious and charitable organizations; served in various professional and public service organizations; and served in government at the local, county, state and federal levels, in uniform and as civilians.

In short, we are committed to using the law to advance the public good.

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