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Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation and Arbitration

Alternative dispute resolution, or “ADR”, is a means for the expedited resolution of commercial and civil disputes by means other than conventional courtroom trial.  In general, ADR is often a quicker, more cost-effective means of resolving disputes. 

Mediation and arbitration are the most common ADR methods.  Mediation involves a neutral third-party trying to bring parties together to reach a voluntary resolution to their disputes.  In arbitration a neutral third-party hears the parties’ evidence after limited discovery and makes a final, binding decision enforceable in court.

Attorneys for the firm have handled hundreds of mediations and arbitrations.  Indeed, Maurice McLaughlin is a seasoned mediator routinely appointed by the Superior Court of New Jersey to resolve lawsuits filed there, and also represents parties to litigation in both arbitrations and mediations.

Examples of our attorneys’ experience includes:

  • Mediations and arbitrations of construction litigation involving schools, governmental properties, commercial buildings, colleges, and private residences.
  • The firm’s attorneys have represented employees who were wrongfully terminated or harassed and whose recoveries total in the millions of dollars, as well as employers being sued.
  • The firm’s attorneys have mediated and arbitrated many personal injury suits.
  • Our attorneys have represented individuals and businesses in the breakup of small businesses and in partner or shareholder oppression cases.
  • The firm’s attorneys have represented clients or served as mediators in many consumer fraud cases.
  • Representing businesses in commercial disputes.
  • Representing businesses and individuals in real estate or property disputes.

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