Practice Areas


While it is our practice to try to solve problems through negotiation, which is generally the quickest and most cost-efficient means, sometimes disputes cannot be resolved amicably and the only solution is resort to the courts.  The firm’s attorneys include seasoned litigators with extensive experience in handling diverse and complex matters before federal, state, administrative and municipal courts.

Whether representing parties who have been wronged and are seeking redress, defending those who have been sued, or protecting the rights of third-parties in litigation, our attorneys have extensive litigation experience.  This covers all areas of litigation from pre-trial discovery to trials and appeals.

Examples of our attorneys’ experience includes:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Labor and employment litigation
  • Small business disputes
  • Estate litigation
  • Governmental litigation
  • Regulatory litigation
  • Real estate and land use litigation
  • Zoning litigation
  • Personal injury litigation
  • Criminal and municipal litigation
  • Litigation in bankruptcy court
  • Partnership litigation
  • Corporate litigation
  • Securities investor litigation

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