Practice Areas

Business Law, Planning, Services, Counsel & Transactions

The firm’s attorneys are experienced in assisting business organizations in all phases of their life and operations, from formation to dissolution, business counsel, transactions, negotiations and litigation.  The firm provides advisory services to corporations, limited liability companies, trusts and partnerships in virtually all aspects of commerce. Whether the client is a start-up or is firmly established, our attorneys are adept at solving a business entity's complex issues and disputes.  We offer specialized counseling to entrepreneurs and start-up firms as well as large companies in a wide variety of industries.

At the outset, the firm’s attorneys are experienced in offering sound advice to individuals commencing a business venture, such as choosing the type of organization to utilize for tax and liability purposes, how to structure the organization to accomplish its goals and foster efficiency in operations, and forming and establishing the business.  We represent parties in the purchase and sale of businesses and franchises. We assist businesses in interacting with other entities, their employees and contractors, and among the owners themselves.  We provide counsel in succession planning.  Finally, when the decision has been made to end the venture, our attorneys are experts at dissolving the business and winding up its affairs.

The most common source of friction and disagreement in the business world is the lack of a contract or a poorly drafted one. Our attorneys are experienced in helping businesses structure agreements that meet their goals, minimize expense and needless conflicts, and thus allow organizations to spend their time working on their core businesses rather than dealing with disputes or litigation.

Representative examples of our attorneys’ experience include:  Start up and formation of businesses; partnership agreements; operating agreements, bylaws, and shareholder agreements; contract organization and preparation; purchase and sale of businesses, from mom and pop stores to large industrial operations; restructuring; finance counseling; purchase and sale of liquor licenses; insurance requirements; labor and employer relations; regulatory compliance; vendor and contract relations; dissolution and winding  up of business affairs; advice on acquisitions and divestitures; counseling on the financial aspects of transactions; SBA loans; preparation and negotiation of commercial agreements; and tax counseling.

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