About the artistAbout The Artist

I have been enthralled by art as far back as I can remember, but my journey into the realm of ceramics is just beginning to take a direction.

It was at my daughter’s request that I signed up for my first pottery class in West Hartford in 1998. They needed another student in order to be able to hold the class. Well, I fell in love with clay! I love the way it feels between my hands. I love the way it forms into something beautiful, functional, or totally whimsical. There are endless possibilities for creativity.

I was a student at Expressions Pottery Workshop for about four years and, when I retired in 2001, I decided I wanted to go forward and become involved in the whole pottery making process – making glazes, making clay, firing, and all of the other jobs connected with running a pottery workshop. I am now a member and treasurer of Expressions Pottery Workshop in East Granby, a member of the Connecticut Potters Cooperative Association, Centered and a member of the Granby Artists Association.

I make functional stoneware pottery, wheel thrown and hand built. I also create Saggar and Raku pieces and I have just started using porcelain. I especially enjoy putting hand painted designs on some of my pieces.

I hope you like my work.