Judo facts

  • Men's Judo has been in the Olympics since 1964; women's Judo was a demonstration sport in 1988 Seoul Olympics and has been a full medal sport since the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

  • Judo is the most widely practiced martial art in the world, and is the second most practiced sport worldwide (soccer is #1).

  • Judo is always one of the first Olympic events to sell out of tickets, and more countries participate in Judo than all other Olympic sports, except Track and Field. There are 197 memeber nations in the International Olympic Committee and 182 of them are members of the International Judo Federation.

  • According to the American College of Sports Medicine, Judo is the safest contact sport for children under the age 13.

  • WWF Wrestler "Bad News Brown" is Allen Coage 1976 Olympic Bronze Medalist, and actress Hillary Wolf (Home Alone I & II) is also a Judo Olympian for the USA.

  • U.S. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell was captain of the 1964 Olympic Judo Team.

  • President Theodore Roosevelt became a Brown Belt in Judo during his administration and actor James Cagney was a Black Belt in Judo.

  • The Red and White Judo tournament was started by Jigoro Kano in 1884 and continues today as one of the longest running sports events in the world, predating the Modern Olympic Games by 12 years.

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