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Jet Membership to Selective Aviation is both easy and flexible. Selective Aviation is always willing to work with our members to provide them with the exact services to fulfill their particular private jet aviation needs.

Jet Card - Selective Aviation’s JET SELECT Card

Selective Aviation’s Jet Select Card allows clients to fly privately without any limitations. The Jet Select Card is the most flexible and cost effective way to fly in the private jet aviation industry. Selective Aviation Jet Select Card allows members to put money on account to be debited after services have been provided. Accounts can range between $50,000 to $5,000,000.

Some of the advantages of the Jet Select Card are:

  • Unlimited Number of Jet Charter Flight Hours
  • Wide Variety of private jets, with ability to arrange for simultaneous charter flights
  • ARG/US subscriber with access 38 ARG/US Platinum Rated carriers
  • 24 hour jet charter personalized service
  • Private Jet Availability with just 5 hours notice
  • Simplified Payment Transactions

Unlimited Number of Jet Charter Flight Hours:
Freedom and Flexibility

Selective Aviation does not limit the number of hours our member can fly. Selective Aviation provides our Jet Select Card members with freedom and flexibility. With Selective Aviation, members can choose the private jet they would like to fly: Turbo Props, Light Jets, Super Lights, Midsize, Super-Mids, Heavy Jets and Long Range jets. These include aircraft built by all of the leading manufacturers of private jets, which include:

  • Citation
  • Gulfstream
  • Raytheon
  • Dassualt Falcon
  • Learjet
  • Bombardier
  • Embraer
  • Boeing

Business and large families benefit by utilizing the ability to arrange for simultaneous charter flights for different executives, clients and family members.

Wyvern Authorized Broker and an ARG/US Subscriber

Selective Aviation utilizes the private aviation industries’ leading third party auditors to guarantee that members will fly on the safest and most luxurious executive jets available for charter. As a strict user of ARG/US Platinum Rated air charter carriers, Selective Aviation is concerned first and foremost about our member’s safety.

Please click on Safety and Security to read more information about Selective Aviation’s approach to our member’s safety.

Professional and Dedicated Service

Selective Aviation’s professionalism and dedication to our Jet Select Card members is unparalleled in the private aviation industry. Selective Aviation is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can arrange for a private jet with just 5 hours notice. Jet Select Card members can rely on Selective Aviation to be available to them when they are in a crunch or in case of an emergency. Jet Membership to Selective Aviation’s Jet Select Card is kept strictly confidential. Our members are never asked to give testimonials or to appear on our website. When flying privately with Selective Aviation, our member can be assured that it will be kept PRIVATE.

Easy Payment Transactions

One of the best advantages of Selective Aviation’s Jet Select Card is the simplification of payment transactions. Placing money on account with Selective Aviation allows clients to not worry about credit card holds or late payments, or burdensome paper work. After the trip, Selective Aviation debits the member’s Jet Select Card for payment of services. Before the Jet Select Card is debited, members will receive a detailed invoice to clarify the exact cost for each service provide.

Please click on Air Charter Services for more information on the range of services Selective Aviation provides.