Business Jet Charters, Jet Rentals, Jet Charter Brokers

Business Jet Charters, Jet Rentals, Jet Charter Brokers
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About Selective Aviation
Private Jet Air Charter Jet Broker

Selective Aviation is a private jet aviation broker. With only 5 hours notice we can provide a private jet for our members to fly. Selective Aviation Jet Select Card is one of the fastest growing private jet membership program in the world. Clients utilize Selective Aviation’s professionalism and air charter experience to arrange for their private aviation needs.

More than any other private jet broker, Selective Aviation places a premium on the safety of their clients. By utilizing the private aviation industries’ leading third party auditors, Selective Aviation is highly regarded by its clients because they know that their families and colleagues will only be flying on the safest private jets available for charter. As Wyvern Authorized Broker and an ARG/US Subscriber, Selective Aviation insures that the private jets Selective Aviation recommends to fly on, and the crews flying these private jets, are of the highest standards in safety in the air charter industry.

Please be aware that Selective Aviation does not own or operate any private jets, and our quotes for charter flights are recommendations only. Selective Aviation only recommends the finest private jets to fly because they are either Wyvern Recommended or have an ARG/US rating of Platinum. All recommendations are based on the highest standards of safety and comfort and NOT cheap pricing.

Selective Aviation is located conveniently in between Morristown Airport, Newark Airport, and Teterboro Airport. Selective Aviation has air charter resources across the United States and Europe to ensure a continuum of luxurious private jet flying wherever our clients may be located.

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Managing Director