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In an effort to serve our communities, K&K Design offers web design for nonprofit organizations for free or at discounted prices. For a free consultation, please call 908-963-7352.

The best part about working with K&K Design is that no matter the size of your organization, the web site they produce makes you look like a fortune 500 business. We told them what information we wanted on the site and what the objective of the site was and K&K Design did all the rest. We have received nothing but great feedback about our site.

Andrew Tupler
The Hills Business Group

Services donated:

Logo design

Website design - www.hillsbusinessgroup.com

We sincerely would like to thank you for your generous contribution of web services to the John Basilone Parade Committee for our recent website project.

It is very comforting to know that there are still many people who donate their time and services to honor the memory of John Basilone and the many men and women of our armed services who give their all for their country.

John Pacifico
John Basilone Committee

Services donated:

Website design - www.basiloneparade.org/

I would like to take this time to commend K&K Design on such a fine website product. Our Boy Scout Troop was in search of a firm that would donate their time and talent to us so that we could realize our dream of launching a troop website. We asked Keith Krecicki - President of K&K Design to help us and he accommodated our wishes without question. In no time and with little guidance, he created a beautiful graphic design depicting the Appalachian Trail and items related to the theme of scouting.

It immediately became a hit with the kids and the adults, who worked on it. We laid out the site as to what we wanted and he gave us exactly what we wanted. It is easy to navigate and to maintain.

Our kids really like it and it gives them the opportunity to experience website design and maintenance operations.

I highly recommend K&K Design for your website needs.

Gary Orlando
Assistant Scout Master

Client - www.bsa-troop288.com

In today’s fast-paced environment it doesn’t matter what kind of organization or business you run, but one thing that does matter is your presence on the web. K&K Design gave me the presence I needed. They worked with me to convey my message visually and in a way that was easy to understand. Without them I wouldn’t be able to reach the audience I have.

Nick Barber
The Nick Show, WTBU Radio

Services donated:

Logo design

Website design - www.nickbarber.com